Sanctioning Planning Calendar of Orienteering Events

Last update: 2018 December 13 12:31:30 PST (-0800)

December 7-9BAOC: Sprint San Francisco; Fri: Sprint Relay/Sat: 3-round tournament/Sun: NRE Qual and Final
December 9QOC: 1 day NRE (Mid-Atlantic Championships) and club relay; Seneca Creek State Park, Gaithersburg, MD
January 12-13terraloco: Port of Stockton Go!, 2 days 4 races 1 NRE Sprint; poss. championship bids
January 18-21GAOC: Georgia O' Fest 2019; 3 NREs; McIntosh Reserve & Chattahoochee Bend State Park, GA
January 19-20SDO: Desert Orienteering Festival Trail O' & 1 day NRE
 WSOC: Sweden (bid)
February 15-17GVOC: 14th Vancouver Sprint Camp
February 16-24TSN: Southwest Spring Week 9 days of O' 
February 23COC: Washington Interscholastic O' League Championship 1 day classic NRE; Carnation, WAEric Jones
March 17BAOC: 1-day NRE at Joseph Grant County Park
March 22-24OCIN: Flying Pig XXIII, 2018 Masters Nationals; Cincinnati, Ohio
April 13-14QOC: 2 day NRE + sprint/relay Quantico Beaverdam Run Junior Nationals (aka Interscholastics)
April 27-28USMAOC: 40th annual West Point meet (poss. Team Trials)
May 12UNO: Billygoat! Burnt Mountain, Lebanon, NHLex Bundschuh
June 15-16Jukola; Finland
June 23-29WTOC: Portugal
July 28 - August 3WMTBOC & JWMTBOC: Denmark
July 5-12WMOC: Latvia
July 6-13JWOC: Denmark
July 21-27O'Ringen, Kolmården, Sweden
July 27-28World Rogaining Champs; Spain 
July 28 - August 3Scottish 6 Days 
August 3-10Swiss O Week 2019, Gstaad, Switzerland
August 13-18WOC (forest): Østfold, Norway
October 3-6WMMTBOC: Germany
October 5
ROC: "Save the Horses" NRE
October 19-20UNO: Boulder Dash, new map Gunstock Mtn. Resort, Gilford, NH 2019 Masters Nationals
MarchWSOC: Russia (bid)
March or April-ishCOC: 2 day NRE near Seattle ??? Junior Nationals ???Eric Jones
April 3-5OCIN: Flying Pig XXIV; Cincinnati, Ohio ??? Junior Nationals ???
June 28 - July 5JWOC: Turkey
June 13-14Jukola; Finland
July 7-11WOC (sprint): Vejle and Kolding, Denmark
July 19-25O'Ringen, Uppsala, Sweden
July 25-27California O' Festival (includes NAOC & WRC)
August 7 - 15WMOC: Slovakia
August 17 - 23WMTBOC & JWMTBOC: Jeseník, Czech Republic
November 1
WTOC Hong Kong
June 19-20Jukola; Finland
JulyO'Ringen, Sweden
 WOC (forest): Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic
September 11-12COC: SARTPatrick Nuss
June Jukola; Finland
JulyO'Ringen, Sweden
JulyWOC (sprint): Edinburgh, Scotland

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The intent of this calendar is to provide a resource for those planning orienteering events, to keep the community advised as to what is going on in sanctioning, and most importantly, to track events in the rumor and planning stages. This does not replace the official OUSA calendar, which has more information and a different focus.

  • Entries in red, and associated championships in ??? are rumors or tentative plans only; this does not mean the date or championship has been "claimed". The source of the information is in the right hand column for tentative events.

  • Sanctioned events where the championship or "WRE" is in red means the championship or WRE bid has not yet been decided by the board. Typically these are decided at the board meeting following the sanctioning of the meet.

  • Most events are added as a result of someone asking me to, either automatically via the sanctioning process, or as a separate request. That is, I don't troll the web looking for events to add, aside from WOC, JWOC, and WMOC. Therefore, some major events may have escaped listing. This calendar works best if people keep me advised of their tentative plans or major events they would like listed. Some events have links because the person who gave me the info gave me the link also. Tentative events never have links.

  • My e-mail address is schuh AT farmdale D0T com   Please include club name, event name, tentative plans and dates, prospective championship bids, and your name. For confirmed events, feel free to provide a link.